What Works for Me–The “Millennial” Assignment

The “Millennial” Assignment, submitted by Ronda Marman

An assignment that’s been interesting (though I’m still not sure if I’d label it as successful) is my “Millennial” assignment where I barrage students with articles and video clips where the media condemns them. Then the students read articles and watch a couple of TEDX from people of the millennial generation that respond to the media/social perceptions/stereotypes created. There is usually quite a bit of classroom discussion that at this point that relies primarily on personal experience. Following it, I give the students an assignment that forces them to look more closely at one of the criticisms of their generation and have them write a rebuttal. The reason that I say that I’m not sure how successful it is yet is that many of them end up walking right into the stereotype of the generation either in the actual response or by the manner in which they create the response.

Whether they are successful in creating their own argument or not, they are forced look more closely at media perceptions and think about the generational differences that exist.

Photo of TedX San Antonio via Flickr Creative Commons. Taken by Davis Staedtler.

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