TYCA May Web

We’re in the process of archiving the #TYCAMW #MayWeb #webinars, so here’s the first one.

Registration: CLOSED. Presentations will be recorded and links to those archived videos will be sent out as soon as the webinars wrap up.

  1. Register online through this form.
  2. TYCA-MW will send a link prior to the meeting so you can participate in the session.
  3. You will need reliable internet and audio; video of yourself during the session is optional.
  4. Registration and attendance is free to all. All webinars are on Tuesday, 11:00 Central Time, 12:00 Eastern Time. Each will last one hour.
  5. Attendees will be sent a certificate of attendance for their professional development files.

For 4 weeks this spring, TYCA MW will become TYCA May Web!

You know that feeling when you leave the conference feeling inspired, invigorated, connected, and smart? How about a little dose of that to take with you through the summer?

TYCA MW proud to announce a new web series: TYCA May Web. Each Tuesday for the month of May, TYCA-MW members will host 45 minute sessions focused on “What I Taught/What I Learned This Year.” We can celebrate success, explore failures, and collaborate on ideas for the upcoming year.

How it works:

Cost: FREE TO ALL!!!

Dates: Every Tuesday in May!

Who can propose: TYCA-MW members. (If you’re not a member currently, you can join online!) Adjunct faculty are strongly encouraged to submit a proposal! We had you in mind as we tried to brainstorm ways to include more opportunities for adjuncts who do not have travel supported by their departments.

Call for Proposals Here = https://goo.gl/forms/YdqKD5UXbntYH2Bl1

  1. Due: March 25th.
  2. Topics: Lessons from this past year: what did you learn? What mistakes were helpful? What’s something new that you tried?
  3. Length: 100-250 words.

What you need to know if you want to present:

  1. Sessions will be hosted by the presenter and a co-host from the board.
  2. Presentations will be given via presentation software (WebEx, Zoom)
  3. Presentations will begin at 11:00 AM CST, 12:00 PM EST and will last 45 minutes (30 min presentations and 15 min Q&A).
  4. Your presentation will be recorded and made publicly available online.
  5. You will need to either have experience with presenting online or agree to a short training session.

You may use an abbreviated version of your proposal from the fall conference. 

Presentations will be archived and available online after all the sessions are complete.