About Us

TYCA Midwest

What is TYCA Midwest?

The Two-Year College English Association was formed in 1996 to establish a national voice within the National Council of Teachers of English and the Conference on College Composition and Communication. TYCA coordinates the work of seven long-standing regional conferences serving every section of the United States and many Canadian provinces to seek resources, develop strategies, and advocate on behalf of its members’ professional needs and concerns.

The members of this association teach in every variation of the two-year college: lower division campuses of state universities, comprehensive community colleges, junior colleges, technical colleges, private two-year colleges, and combined community and technical colleges. The Midwest region covers colleges in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Manitoba, Canada, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The organization’s focus is on the concerns – content, pedagogical, and institutional – of instructors of lower division English courses.

The sponsorship of the TYCA-Midwest Conferences in the recent past has been as diverse as the members’ institutions. Madison Area Technical College, the Saint Louis Metro Community Colleges, the College of Lake County are recent sponsors. If you have any questions about TYCA-Midwest or would like to sponsor the annual Conference, please contact us at .

Mission and Goals Statement

Mission: TYCA serves to promote the teaching and study of English in the two-year college, to advance the theories and practices of teaching English in the two-year college, and to provide a national voice for the two-year college in postsecondary education.

Recognizing the unique institutional character of the two-year college, open to all students, TYCA is further committed to student diversity in culture, age, background, ability and goals, and the critical role of literacy required in a democratic society.


  1. To identify and articulate the best theories, practices, and pedagogy in teaching English in the two-year college;
  2. To establish multiple channels for the communication of these theories, practices, and pedagogies and for discussion and effective change by the members of National TYCA and the TYCA Regionals; effective works for better understanding of the issue https://prime-essay.net/why-i-want-to-be-a-psychologist-essay
  3. To influence the future of English studies.


  1. To promote excellence in the theory and practice of of teaching English.
  2. To encourage scholarship and research that inform the teaching of writing, literature, and language.
  3. To provide a forum for shared professional concerns.
  4. To recognize and support diversity in the classroom and in the profession.
  5. To promote awareness of the distinctively open academic and social environment of the two-year college.
  6. To promote awareness of the effectiveness and adaptability of the two-year college in meeting community needs
  7. To encourage subscriptions to Teaching English in the Two-Year College (hereafter referred to as TETYC).
  8. To establish, affirm, and strengthen ties to groups that share our professional commitments.
  9. To encourage the participation in TYCA of teachers of English in the first two college years through meetings, conferences, publications, and other professional activities.