TYCA to You–Dual Credit

Interested in adding your two cents? The new topic for the TYCA to You column in the next issue of TETYC will look at how Dual-Credit initiatives are affecting you and your colleagues:



  • Does your campus/department offer dual-credit courses? If so, what is the process used? Is it working well?
  • What kinds of credentials are you requiring of your dual-credit instructors?
  • Overall, how does your department feel about offering dual-credit courses?

(Feel free to answer any/all questions!)


Please share your experiences with Suzanne Labadie for possible incorporation into the next TYCA to You column. You can send just a couple of lines off the top of your head or write an epic–it’s completely up to you! Send an email to [email protected] with your name, title, school, contact information and your response to the question above. Deadline for submissions is 1/29/16. Thanks!

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