Conference Session Preview–Instructor Feedback that WORKS

Curious about which session to attend this fall…here’s a teaser…

Sara Ehret, Heidi Thoenen, and Paula Iken, Cuyahoaga Community College

“Cultivating Curiosity in Instructor Feedback”

A common issue among many instructors of composition concerns how to respond to student writing. It is understood that instructor feedback is an effective way to develop and improve student work; as such, it makes sense instructors are curious to discover the most impactful approach for delivering helpful suggestions. This session will begin with a workshop where those in attendance will be asked to identify and discuss their feedback preferences. Subsequently, we will cover current research and ideas for feedback strategies, as well as allow an opportunity for participants to share feedback methods that have proved successful in their classrooms.



  1. Margot Vance says

    This is a timely session! (As I read this description by eyes wistfully wonder over to the two sets of papers awaiting my commentary!) I look forward to what they have to say.


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