Conference Session Preview–Helping Students Be Mindful

Curious about which session to attend this fall…here’s a teaser…

Ryan Brown, Metropolitan Community College

“Curiosity and Contribution: Cultivating a Mindful Orientation toward Learning, Knowing, and Caring”

In community college first-year writing, we focus too often on knowledge-making. I believe we should shift this, teaching mental activity in ways that connect to broader questions–how we live, work on ourselves, and navigate the world. As someone trained in mindfulness, I believe a mindful orientation towards mental work necessarily does this. In giving space for thought to be examined within the context of ourselves and our experience, we shift our ideal of “intellectually curious” to “ready to contribute.”  Adopting a broader sense of “contribution” allows curiosity to emerge more freely rather than in a labored, assumption-driven, identity-limited way.


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