Conference Session Preview–Ban the Burn-out

Curious about which session to attend this fall…here’s a teaser…

Celia Swanson, Century College

“Playing with Creativity”

Jump-Start Your Creative Energy!  One of the dangers of teaching is reaching a state of creative “burn-out”.  What can we do to reignite the flame of creativity and energy in our lives, so we can bring that to our teaching? Using the simple practices of InterPlay (, participants explore movement, story, music and stillness to rediscover our playful, creative, adaptable selves.   Being curious and noticing what happens in our bodies provides important information. While these practices are adaptable to the classroom, this workshop focuses on developing practices that enhance our own self-care and energy.  Come prepared to move, have fun, and make new connections!



  1. Carol Luvert says

    This was a great session. Celia lead us in a mini version of InterPlay. We played and moved and breathed our way to less stress. I have already used some of the techniques to become less stressed. Thanks Celia.


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