Conference Session Preview–An Adventure Across Disciplines

Curious about which session to attend this fall…here’s a teaser…

Keri Rakes, Gretchen Flaherty, and Steve Dalager, Lake Superior College
Jody Greniger, Duluth Adult Basic Education

“Curious George Goes to College: Adventures in Integrated Reading and Writing”

Beginning in fall 2015, Lake Superior College Developmental Education piloted a new cross-discipline curriculum by merging developmental level reading and writing classes.  The aim in these classes is to focus on college readiness and a supportive learning environment, thereby enhancing student achievement and retention. LSC English and Reading faculty, advisors, and ABE instructors work together by combining various co-teaching models, additional academic lab support time, and semester-long advising to encourage entry-level college success. Our session will focus on the successes and struggles of this program so far.



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