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Losing My Patience by Michelle Byrne, University of Akron My students wonder why writing is “so hard.” My students just want me to tell them “how to do it.” They ask me to help them brainstorm, and they wonder if they are “doing it right.” In years past, I am usually patient with them. College […]

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So, maybe there’s a reason I leave TYCA-MW last, when I do attend. Maybe I am meant to be the non-elected, unofficial reflector of the event. Maybe I’ve become that person because I travel the farthest, typically, to TYCA-MW, being the North Dakota rep and all. Maybe it’s because I love to write journal entries about my life […]

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From Then to Now by Helen Lepp Friesen, Ph.D., University of Winnipeg I never really had any intention of being a university writing professor. Like many young graduates with an MA in English I had lofty idealistic dreams of writing the next great American novel and becoming a full time sought after writer. The fall […]

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Murder Mysteries and English Composition: An Interesting (Dead Man’s) Bridge to Academic Literacy by Sarah Justice, English Instructor, Columbus State Community College My Composition I classes have the same topic: sustainability. I feel college students should engage in topics that are integral to the continuation of human society so that they can vote, protest, or perform […]

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Using Artifacts to Assess Professionalism by Galen Leonhardy, Black Hawk College The concept of academic professionalism in local contexts remains common in my writing. The basic question I ask is, what is professionalism in English education? Answering that question results in a kind of journalistic ethnography allowing me to look at micro-contexts and assess them […]

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Call for Book Chapters: Approaches to Teaching LGBT Literature at the Post-Secondary Level Contact: John Pruitt, University of Wisconsin-Rock County, In 1995, George Haggerty and Bonnie Zimmerman’s landmark volume Professions of Desire: Lesbian and Gay Studies in Literature (MLA), followed by William Spurlin’s Lesbian and Gay Studies and the Teaching of English (NCTE, 2000), […]

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Adjunctified–Game Planning the High Education Interview Game by Brian Harrell, University of Akron I love to interview–to be placed on the hot seat, actively engaging in a battle between unseen opponents, not knowing the rules or how to score, but hoping my audience awareness and ability to rhetorically analyze a committee will provide me with just […]

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The next edition of TYCA to You for the September issue of TETYC will focus on two-year college practices surrounding tenure. In order to provide a full picture, our region’s national representative, Suzanne Labadie, seeks feedback from Midwest members on the following questions: What does the process to earn tenure on your campus look like?  […]

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Interested in adding your two cents? The new topic for the TYCA to You column in the next issue of TETYC will look at how Dual-Credit initiatives are affecting you and your colleagues:   Does your campus/department offer dual-credit courses? If so, what is the process used? Is it working well? What kinds of credentials […]

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A Review of “Thank You Pragmatism: How Pragmatic Theory Validates Personal Narrative as Art” by Brian Harrell, University of Akron During the 2014 TYCA Conference in Grand Rapids, a number of presentations provided attendees with the opportunity to ponder their own classroom theories. One of those presentations was Heidi Thoenen and Sara Ehret’s session entitled, “Thank […]