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Proposal Writing Tips for First-Timers by Michelle Byrne, University of Akron I wrote my first conference presentation proposal when I was first hired at my college. I had never heard of TYCA, never written a presentation proposal, was brand new to my college, and clueless. Fortunately, I had three outstanding colleagues who ignored all that […]

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From Then to Now by Helen Lepp Friesen, Ph.D., University of Winnipeg I never really had any intention of being a university writing professor. Like many young graduates with an MA in English I had lofty idealistic dreams of writing the next great American novel and becoming a full time sought after writer. The fall […]

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Using Artifacts to Assess Professionalism by Galen Leonhardy, Black Hawk College The concept of academic professionalism in local contexts remains common in my writing. The basic question I ask is, what is professionalism in English education? Answering that question results in a kind of journalistic ethnography allowing me to look at micro-contexts and assess them […]

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Scaring My Students, submitted by Michelle Byrne I’ve been told on occasion I am brave, but bravery implies that the person being brave has some sense of the risk and face the danger despite knowing about it. So I can’t call myself brave. Silly, maybe. Optimistic, preferably. I felt optimistic when I left a meeting […]