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From Then to Now by Helen Lepp Friesen, Ph.D., University of Winnipeg I never really had any intention of being a university writing professor. Like many young graduates with an MA in English I had lofty idealistic dreams of writing the next great American novel and becoming a full time sought after writer. The fall […]

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Murder Mysteries and English Composition: An Interesting (Dead Man’s) Bridge to Academic Literacy by Sarah Justice, English Instructor, Columbus State Community College My Composition I classes have the same topic: sustainability. I feel college students should engage in topics that are integral to the continuation of human society so that they can vote, protest, or perform […]

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Using Artifacts to Assess Professionalism by Galen Leonhardy, Black Hawk College The concept of academic professionalism in local contexts remains common in my writing. The basic question I ask is, what is professionalism in English education? Answering that question results in a kind of journalistic ethnography allowing me to look at micro-contexts and assess them […]

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  The next edition of TYCA to You will have information on college practices surrounding gen ed outcomes for higher ed and how people feel about the outcomes themselves and/or the revision processes within their states. In order to provide a full picture, our region’s national representative, Suzanne Labadie, seeks feedback from Midwest members on […]

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Call for Book Chapters: Approaches to Teaching LGBT Literature at the Post-Secondary Level Contact: John Pruitt, University of Wisconsin-Rock County, john.pruitt@uwc.edu In 1995, George Haggerty and Bonnie Zimmerman’s landmark volume Professions of Desire: Lesbian and Gay Studies in Literature (MLA), followed by William Spurlin’s Lesbian and Gay Studies and the Teaching of English (NCTE, 2000), […]

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Adjunctified–Game Planning the High Education Interview Game by Brian Harrell, University of Akron I love to interview–to be placed on the hot seat, actively engaging in a battle between unseen opponents, not knowing the rules or how to score, but hoping my audience awareness and ability to rhetorically analyze a committee will provide me with just […]

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The next edition of TYCA to You for the September issue of TETYC will focus on two-year college practices surrounding tenure. In order to provide a full picture, our region’s national representative, Suzanne Labadie, seeks feedback from Midwest members on the following questions: What does the process to earn tenure on your campus look like?  […]

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Interested in adding your two cents? The new topic for the TYCA to You column in the next issue of TETYC will look at how Dual-Credit initiatives are affecting you and your colleagues:   Does your campus/department offer dual-credit courses? If so, what is the process used? Is it working well? What kinds of credentials […]

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A Review of “Thank You Pragmatism: How Pragmatic Theory Validates Personal Narrative as Art” by Brian Harrell, University of Akron During the 2014 TYCA Conference in Grand Rapids, a number of presentations provided attendees with the opportunity to ponder their own classroom theories. One of those presentations was Heidi Thoenen and Sara Ehret’s session entitled, “Thank […]

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Students Speak – You CAN Take It With You! by Jen Richrath, Illinois Central College At the end of a writing course, I often strive to remind students that all the work they did is not only applicable within a composition classroom.  I ask them this question: “What is at least one thing you learned […]