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American Fire Love, Arson, and Life in a Vanishing Land   by Monica Hesse: The arsons started on a cold November midnight and didn’t stop for months. Night after night, the people of Accomack County waited to see which building would burn down next, regarding each other at first with compassion, and later suspicion. Vigilante groups sprang up,… purchase finasteride finasteride

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The Midwest Messenger is the regional publication for TYCA Midwest.  Over the years, the Messenger has morphed from a paper newsletter that members received in the mail, to an electronic file that was emailed to the membership, and now the publication is in Blog form!  TYCA Midwest members can email the editor their submissions for official posting.  And, within this format, anyone who… buy finasteride cheap

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REGISTER TO ATTEND by clicking here! Check out the UPDATED and DETAILED schedule here! And here are two helpful maps: Ivy Tech Campus Map & Ivy Tech Room Map. Then BOOK YOUR ROOM at the Embassy Suites, Indianapolis Downtown! There are FIVE rooms left (as of 8/29)!  To reserve a suite in the group block, call… buy finasteride online usa

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Curious about which session to attend this fall…here’s a teaser… Ruth Benander and Brenda Refaei, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College “Reading in Basic Writing: Moving from the Edge to the Center” This workshop will guide participants through a review of approaches to reading instruction in composition courses with an eye to adapting them for […]

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TYCA-Midwest Needs You! TYCA-MW is seeking nominations for new executive board members, NCTE representative, and members of the elections committee! Serving on the TYCA-MW Board is rewarding and fun. The board helps to plan the annual conference, recruit new members, and advocates for English teachers at the national conference. If you know someone who might […]

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