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Losing My Patience by Michelle Byrne, University of Akron My students wonder why writing is “so hard.” My students just want me to tell them “how to do it.” They ask me to help them brainstorm, and they wonder if they are “doing it right.” In years past, I am usually patient with them. College […]

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So, maybe there’s a reason I leave TYCA-MW last, when I do attend. Maybe I am meant to be the non-elected, unofficial reflector of the event. Maybe I’ve become that person because I travel the farthest, typically, to TYCA-MW, being the North Dakota rep and all. Maybe it’s because I love to write journal entries about my life […]

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A Review of “Thank You Pragmatism: How Pragmatic Theory Validates Personal Narrative as Art” by Brian Harrell, University of Akron During the 2014 TYCA Conference in Grand Rapids, a number of presentations provided attendees with the opportunity to ponder their own classroom theories. One of those presentations was Heidi Thoenen and Sara Ehret’s session entitled, “Thank […]

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Through the Eyes of an Interloper by Sukanya Kemp, University of Akron It all started innocently enough. I had invited my colleague Michelle Byrne to an economics conference and here she was bearing an invitation to TYCA, the Two Year College Teachers of English Association. As the days to the conference grew closer, the butterflies […]

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Thank you to everyone who attended TYCA-Midwest Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan! It was an incredibly successful event, with wonderful presentations on a wide range of topics. Attendees shared the images below, which represent presentations, evening events, and artwork from Art Prize, which was also held in Grand Rapids on the weekend of the conference.