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Selfie Assignment, submitted by Wade King Given the current trend to constantly be in front of the camera, a bonus point assignment that gets students to go somewhere important on campus is this: Take a selfie with a library book! Not only must students enter the library to complete this assignment, but it’s interesting to […]

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Hello, and welcome to the new TYCA-Midwest website and Midwest Messenger blog. Here, you’ll find reflections on past conferences, updates on future conferences, an introduction to our board members, teaching tips, information about TYCA-Midwest awards, and other resources to help you learn more about our organization. Many thanks to Amy Edwards Patterson, Jen Richrath, and […]

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The “Millennial” Assignment, submitted by Ronda Marman An assignment that’s been interesting (though I’m still not sure if I’d label it as successful) is my “Millennial” assignment where I barrage students with articles and video clips where the media condemns them. Then the students read articles and watch a couple of TEDX from people of […]

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Scaring My Students, submitted by Michelle Byrne I’ve been told on occasion I am brave, but bravery implies that the person being brave has some sense of the risk and face the danger despite knowing about it. So I can’t call myself brave. Silly, maybe. Optimistic, preferably. I felt optimistic when I left a meeting […]

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Interested in adding your two cents? The topic for the TYCA to You column in the May issue of TETYC is as follows: How do you recharge in the summer? What do you do to re-energize the “teacherly part” in you to be better? Please share your experiences with Suzanne Labadie for possible incorporation into […]

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I have my Comp 110 students read a book I picked up at the CCCCs two years ago and love—Choosing Civility by P.M. Forni. It’s been around since 2002, but the ideology and themes are timeless and force readers to rethink how they respond and react to others in a variety of social settings. (submitted […]

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Suzanne serves as the TYCA/NCTE Representative for the TYCA-MW Board. She teaches full-time at Oakland Community College in Royal Oak, Michigan. Her courses include Composition 1 and 2, Introduction to Literature, British Literature, and Shakespeare. Other professional interests include assessment, placement strategies, multimodal writing, and brain-based learning strategies. When not in the classroom or grading […]

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​John Pruitt serves as the Wisconsin Representative for the TYCA-MW Advisory Committee.  He teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Rock County. John is currently president of the Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English and just became editor of the Wisconsin English Journal.

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Download Spring 2011 See all the archives here.

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